Located in the Metropole Marketplace, Cafe Metropole is a popular outdoor Cafe featuring a Healthy Alternative menu, Patio Dining, Private Patio Parties/ Catering services and Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-Free friendly options


Cafe Metropole began its life in 2008 when I traveled to Italy and was inspired by the eye-appealing, fresh, great tasting and good-for-you food available from even the smallest street vendor. I set out to provide an alternative to the typical "tourist" food - fried, breaded, processed, over-sauced, over-salted - offered in Avalon.


Catering information is coming use. Contact us if we can help you with your event.

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  • Cafe Metropole is located in the Metropole Marketplace at 113 Metropole Ave.
    Click the Google Map Pin to navigate to our cafe.
    Call us at 3105109095
    Open every day from 11am-3pm